The Namaqua party began in 1996 after a chance meeting in someone's kitchen.
The Leg, fully equipped with dice in his braided and unfettered hair, came across an un-tethered wild animal urinating on a gas stove. Like a rabbit in the headlights the animal faced up and revealed itself as the species known as, drummer. He offered an alarmingly damp hand out and introduced himself as Pipe.

The pair cavorted in beat and twang for a few weeks until the time was right. The Leg and Pipe were now looking for a seriously good bass player who could handle the pace.

A dark alley in Littlehampton's downtown district was considered the best place to look and there they chanced upon a lonely but jolly soul. After some severe interview techniques involving questions, it was on to the next step, a jam.
Pipe prepared the toast with his electric grill and the spreading commenced, during which, it became clear that McLee was a damn fine musician with serious desires to entwine his fingers in coiled wires at an alarming rate, creating what we now call, music.

The band was complete. Songwriting happened, gigs far and wide happened and sometime between all of that the Internet was born and this website was rumbled together. There is now a rumour it is going to be updated with these 'happenings'. We'll see . . . gigs.


The update was basically that the band have were signed and now tour between the UK and Mars frequently and continue their live show in lands afar to crowds aplenty. Look out for performances at a hospital near you . . . .