The Namaqua Gallery

See what Namaqua have been up to . . .

The Birdman Show

One sunny Sunday afternoon, Namaqua played on the beach . . .

Peavey Firewood

If you've played one of these you'll know what I mean . . .

During a Gibson guitars demonstration

Showing a 2008 Les Paul Standard

More Birdman

Tuning up mid-set . . .


Eel is all fingers and thumbs on To Be Happy

Namaqua later set

Basket Case in full tilt

Dave showing a new tune

A Chillout at Eel's abode and the chance to write more material

As it darkens

Out came the strat, it wouldn't be a gig without it!

The Albert Hall 2006

Leaning on a Marshall, days of old . . .

The Albert Hall

Now that's what you call a proper crowd

King of Frustration

A TV appearance on the 'Mind The Step' pilot show